New-Radar-ConsultingIs something missing on marketing your business in a greener, digital, more social, more cost/time effective and mobile way?  We take a tested 4 step process to identify the issues and provide creative solutions to getting your business on the radar.


This is essentially an interview.  We learn about your business/products/services, your goals, what you have done that worked, what you have done that didn’t work and learn about your customers.  We’ll research your competition, assess your marketing budget and time line.


We take the information in the learning phase and suggest a strategy that we believe will be The New Radar Consultingefficient, cost effective, high impact and give you the highest ROI. We’ll set realistic goals for the proposed strategy and when we’re on the same page, it’s game time!!


Now that we have chosen the elements of your marketing mix, we will work with our partners and vendors that specialize in each area and implement your strategy.  Now you’re on the radar!


We analyze data we capture to make sure what we’re doing is working. If you’re not happy with the results, we will not be either. We will find out what we can do better and make any changes necessary.


Get your business on the Radar. Contact Us.